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Welcome to Red Hat

Our Mission: Red Hat Day Care exists to provide a safe, nurturing multicultural environment for community children. We strive to offer every child a stimulating care and education experience that accounts for each child’s abilities, and promotes social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to sponsor children’s desire to be life-long learners.

Our Approach: A child’s early years are crucial for building her future. Studies show that children who receive solid preschool education have better vocabularies, mathematical skills and reading abilities. This advantage is even more pronounced for children of immigrants whom we prepare to enter mainstream kindergarten instead of ESL classes.

Our Facility: We offer a guarded yet rich environment where your preschool children can explore their interests. Colorful toys, educational stations and a professionally equipped backyard provide ample opportunities to learn and interact. And our hot homemade meals are the talk of Midwood.

Our Faculty: Come and meet our teachers. From the Toddler class, to Preschool, to Pre-K, to Gifted & Talented, to Music and Dance, and other Weekend Programs our staff was handpicked to fulfill our mission.

Come and talk to us – you will like what you see!